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Fireball Cash Raffle

Win up to $10,000.00 at our annual Fireball Cash Raffle! 

Approximately $8,000 is raised through this event, which is spent on equipment and training! 
The Fireball Cash Raffle earnings help with the ongoing purchases of necessary equipment that do not fall under annual town budgets.  This imperative resource helps to ensure equipment is up- to-date, as well as, offering the ability for testing new technologies that in turn benefit the community we serve.


Earnings also fund a number of educational opportunities, as well as, in-house necessities.


Firewives in the kitchen

Firewives in the kitchen

Cash Raffle meg and bob_edited

Cash Raffle meg and bob_edited

Each year the OVFRS puts on a Cash Raffle! We call it the “Fireball”. 

The "Cash Raffle" is our main annual fund raising event and it currently bring in the majority of our extra funds.

 There are only 150 tickets sold!  Each year, the holders get first dibs on their ticket number until abandoned. This makes tickets very meaningful and hard to get. Most ticket numbers have been in families for years!


If you're lucky, you might know the right person to take you to the Fireball! 

The raffle is always held on the first Saturday of November.
If you would like to get on the waiting list, contact us
Firewives in the kitchen.jpg

The Spouses

The Cash Raffle is famous for the best party of the year! The Fire Spouses have been preparing this outstanding meal
traditionally since it all began. Ticket holders have been spoiled with a full-course meal including roast beef and chicken with yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and a fantastic selection of vegetables, salads and desserts. Every spouse has a roll and they put their heart and soul into making sure our guests have a fantastic experience! 

The Firefighters

The Oliver Fire Department wants the ticket holders to have a fun and interactive night. It generally starts with a meet and greet then right to the best part! The SKIT!
Each year, the department comes up with a unique and 
outrageous skit. It generally involves all members and is historically hilarious which you DON'T want to miss!  
The members then move onto their evening position which includes bar service, cash sales and clean up. It's a jammed pack night, full of fun that has made MANY great memories for our community, while raising very important funds for the fire department.


Oliver Fire Department

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