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Volunteer Firefighter Information

Member Application Information

The Town of Oliver has a Paid-On-Call Volunteer Fire Department. This page provides an outline of the recruitment and selection process as well as an outlining of the duties and responsibilities of what it means to be a paid-on-call volunteer firefighter for the Town of Oliver.  

When vacancies are available, the Department considers qualified candidates; selected and appointed on the basis of education, experience, knowledge, ability and suitability. Preferred candidates are expected to have flexible schedules, be over 19 years of age, reside in the Town of Oliver, and have a valid BC driver's license.


The Fire Department recruitment and selection process follows an equal opportunity policy through each of its four stages. In this way, the Fire Department Selection committee finds and selects the best qualified candidates to fill the firefighting ranks. All enquiries regarding the recruitment/application process should be made to:

Fire Chief Bob Graham 

Recruitment and Selection Procedure

  • Stage 1 – Application

  • Stage 2 – Job-Related Fitness Training

  • Stage 3 – Screening and Personal Interviews

  • Stage 4 – Completion of Recruit Training Program and Probationary Period

Stage 1 - Application


The minimum candidate standards for application are:

  • Minimum age of 19 years coupled with good physical condition

  • Have and maintain a valid BC driver's license with an acceptable driving record

  • Must reside in the Town of Oliver
    You may be eligible to join our junior program, email for more information. 


The application package includes:

  • Employment application for Paid-on-Call Volunteer Firefighter/First Responder

  • Consent for disclosure of criminal record information (2 pages); must be taken to local RCMP detachment by applicant

  • Physical Fitness Medical Release.

  • Applicant must attach an up-to-date driver's abstract


The application will not be deemed to be complete unless all four elements are submitted to the Town of Oliver office completed in full.

Stage 2 - Job-Related Fitness Testing


Job-related fitness testing will be conducted at the Oliver Fire Department.
The candidate is expected to wear PPE including SCBA (Full Turn-Out Gear).

The fitness test is a timed skills course consisting of the following: 

  1. Stair Run - carrying a 2.5" hose roll

  2. Controlled Weighted Rope Lift

  3. Multiple Hose Connect

  4. Ladder Raise - to an erect position.

  5. Walk With Weighted Sandbags.

  6. Simulated Door Breach

  7. 50' Charged 1.5" Hose Drag (with accurate water deployment hitting a target).

  8. 100' Weighted Dummy Drag. 


Note: Candidates will be given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with all fitness testing exercises before being tested.

Stage 3 - Screening and Personal Interviews

At this stage, the Selection Committee will check references provided on the application forms and confirm criminal record search with the R.C.M.P.  Security check and reference check will be kept strictly confidential for use by the Fire Department and selection committee. Candidates successful after that process will be invited for an official interview and have an opportunity to discuss any questions they may have relating to the Fire Department.

Stage 4 - Completion of Recruit Training and Probation


Upon meeting the other requirements, the candidate will be invited to join the Recruitment Training Program through the Oliver Volunteer Fire Department. This program consists of approximately 8 training nights to get a basic understanding of fire ground operations. A candidate must successfully complete the Recruitment Training Program and be voted in by a majority from the membership. After the firefighter has successfully completed the Recruit Training Program, a 3 month probation period must be completed. At any time in the process, any actions of the candidate which are in contravention of Fire Department policy or Code of Conduct, may result in dismissal at the discretion of the fire chief.

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